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Inspecting and Repairing Your Aircraft

As a aircraft owner or operator, it is important that you stay in compliance and your position reporting equipment is working as intended within the National Airspace System (NAS). With Von's Aircraft Service LLC, you can count on my experience and knowledge to keep your equipment functioning in accordance with FAR 43 Appendices E and F. I handle various tests and repairs for your aircraft, including transponder testing, altimeter testing, pitot-static system leak check and repair. While I am based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin I service multiple regions in Southeast Wisconsin, such as Racine and Milwaukee. My services also extend to aircraft owners in Northeast Illinois and Chicago.

Transponder and Altimeter/Altitude Reporting Testing

Transponder and Altimeter/Altitude Reporting equipment is incredibly important for your aircraft. To make sure your transponder and altimeter/altitude reporting equipment is working to FAA standards, I offer mobile on-site inspections with the state of the art Tel-Instruments TR-220 Transponder tester and Laversab 6250 Air Data Test Set. This very accurate equipment allows me make sure your transponder and altitude reporting equipment or 1090ES ADS-B is working correctly. I work on all general aviation piston powered, single and light twin, and light jet powered aircraft types. Fly with confidence knowing your equipment passes all requirements of the FAR 43 Appendices E&F.

Transponders and Gauges

Other Testing and Repair Options

Von's Aircraft Service LLC performs pitot and static system leak checks, Altimeter system test and inspections required by FAR 91.411 and the transponder tests including data correspondence test, required by FAR 91.413 complying with 14 CFR part 43, appendix E and F including replacement, testing and adjustment of blind encoders. The repair station also performs return to service tests and tests for minimum performance required by manufactures data after maintenance of a transponder or components of the aircraft Air traffic control system have been disturbed/replaced or after an installation of a ADS-B system (1090ES or 978 UAT) including checking and correcting the raw mode S octal code for the aircraft registration identification. The repair station can remove and replace altimeters, and air data computers, correct pitot/static leaks in the airframe system by replacing tubing, tube fittings, pitot tubes, static ports (If no structural work required) or tightening connections and the removal and replacement of components of the aircraft ATC system.


24 Month 91.413 Transponder Certification (VFR):
Transponder Certification: $125*

24 Month 91.411 \ 91.413 Certification (IFR):
Single Altimeter W\ Single Pitot \ Static System: $260*
Dual Altimeters W\ Single Pitot \ Static System: $300*
Pressurized: Dual Altimeter W\ Single Pitot \ Static System: $350*
Pressurized: Dual Altimeter W\ Dual Pitot \ Static System: $390*

Airplane Window

• Includes Altimeter, Static System, Altitude Encoder Data Correspondence, and transponder tests.
• Includes minor maintenance, repairs or encoder adjustments extra.
• Prices may vary for some aircraft with limited access to components.
• Must be within service area.
• Shop Labor Rate: $75 per hour.

Other restrictions apply. I must have the correct tools, equipment, technical data, suitable location and environment, training and knowledge about your aircraft before I can do the job so please give me a call and have your equipment list handy. Thank you!